Nguyen Hieu Corporation

Nguyen Hieu JSC is an international trading company whose main office is located in Cantho city, the center of Vietnam veterinary medicine industry. Initially acting as the importer of veterinary medicine products from prestigious brands from Korea, China, India and European countries, after more than 15 years of high experience, the company has been powered by strong communications and relationships with customers and key accounts.
Under Thien Quan group, the international acclaimed WHO-GMP veterinary medicine and feed supplement manufacturer, Nguyen Hieu JSC is now presenting our products through the wide distribution network to cover a big number of Asian, Middle East, African countries, etc.
Nguyen Hieu JSC has a professional and well trained Sales, Marketing & Technical team, with high level of experience in Poultry & Large Animals sector. For Animal sector, our products includes : Animal Feed complementary and Nutritional products, Bioproducts, Antibiotics and Injection products… in which we are committed to meeting the diverse needs of veterinary practices around the world.

Nguyen Hieu Corporation

We aim to provide high quality, innovative products with competitive prices to veterinary practices. This will improve the care that veterinary practitioners offer to farm owners and ultimately benefit the human health.
*Striving to meet the increasing and diversified demands of the customers.
*Giving timely support to the customers regarding trends of the market dynamics.
*Providing quality products and sourcing from WHO-GMP certified manufacturers (Thien Quan factory) as the preferred and trustworthy supplier to our customers
*Providing a value added service & Technical support with commitment and professionalism and to provide customers the assurance of prompt and quality service and consultation
*Becoming professional marketing partners for our key account customers to meet the objectives of sales, market acceess and customer service.
No matter what your needs are – Stable Supply of High Effective Products, Complete Tooling Solutions, Label and Packaging Design Services, Marketing Support or Technical consultations; we provide then with exceptional service attitude
We look forward to welcoming you to our company and work to develop and enhance your current business.

Gia cầm
Những loài gia cầm điển hình gồm gà, vịt, ngan, ngỗng. Các loài gia cầm có khả năng bơi, ưa thích sống trong môi trường nước thường được gọi là thủy cầm.
Gia súc
Vật nuôi (livestock) có thể mang nghĩa hẹp hay rộng. Nhìn rộng ra thì vật nuôi là bất cứ giống súc vật nào được con người nuôi vì mục đích hữu dụng, thương mại. "Vật nuôi" có thể có hàm nghĩa là gia súc, "bán gia súc" và động vật hoang dã bị nuôi nhốt.
Thủy sản
Thủy sản là một thuật ngữ chỉ chung về những nguồn lợi, sản vật đem lại cho con người từ môi trường nước và được con người khai thác, nuôi trồng thu hoạch sử dụng làm thực phẩm, nguyên liệu hoặc bày bán trên thị trường.
Sản phẩm khác
Những loài gia cầm điển hình gồm gà, vịt, ngan, ngỗng. Các loài gia cầm có khả năng bơi, ưa thích sống trong môi trường nước thường được gọi là thủy cầm.